About Fusion Indonesia

PT. Fusion Technologies Indonesia is an expert in the supply of multi-utility infrastructure products.

Established in 2012 Fusion Indonesia is a leading supplier of Fusamatic electrofusion fittings, spigot fittings, PE ball valves, equipment and associated tooling.

Fusion Indonesia offers on-site training in order to maintain the high class customer service that Fusion Indonesia prides itself on.

Fusion Indonesia is an international distributor of Fusion Group products and is supported and backed by the Group.  Further details on Fusion Group can be found on their website – www.fusiongroup.com

Contact Details

PT. Fusion Technologies Indonesia
Green Sedayu Biz Park Blok DM 6 No. 18
Kelurahan Kalideres, Kecamatan
Jakarta Barat, 11840

Telephone: +62 543 14839
Email: info@fusion-indonesia.com